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What GPs say about MySkinDoctor

“Happy with service-speed, delivery and outcome.”

“All positive, like how quick the service is.”

“Very positive feedback, patients are seen by an appropriate clinician and on occasions redirected to 2 week rule.”


Reduction of initial consultations required in clinic


Attendance at clinic following MySkinDoctor consultation


Consultants able to provide diagnosis from 95% of images


Clinical governance record

We would all like to keep up with technology but the investment required to move your practice into the telehealth world is high and demanding. We built our software and services working alongside leading NHS dermatologists to enable them to move forward with telehealth.

So, what could be simpler? As the NHS directs us all towards a more technology driven solution, would you rather lead change or be led?

  • Reduce costs
  • Integrate with NHS systems - allowing ebooking, billing & patient updates
  • Improve efficiency - see up to 7 times more patients
  • Reduce patient waiting lists -diagnosis provision within 3 working days
  • Patient led - easier to seek advice
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  • Designed by dermatologists for dermatology services
  • Designed so that the service is patient led, allowing them to enter details and upload photographs for review
  • The patient is sent the app to download on iOS or Android
  • The patient enters their details / uploads images for a response in 3 working days
  • The service is fully integrated to existing clinical service for care
  • The app allows for face-to-face video consultations at request of the clinician or to clarify any details further

Our technology

  • Makes it easier for patients to seek advice
  • Reduces waiting lists
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves margins

Why choose us?

Fully web enabled

Easy to use app

Consulants access each case

Outcome A - a care plan for the GP/patient

Outcome B - if a diagnosis is not possible either a clinic appointment or a live video consultation will be booked with the patient at a time they choose

Triage service

The App can be used to triage patients for diagnosis and a treatment plan, discharge, live video consult, physical consults with a consultant / GPwSPI / nurse or direct for surgery

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Benefits of MySkinDoctor

  • Easy to use & fast to roll out
  • No additional workload for referring doctors
  • 50% reduction in new patient appointments to the hospital
  • Consultant Dermatologist assessment of patient conditions
  • Direct booking for skin surgery & clinic appointments
  • GDPR compliant

MySkinDoctor Patient Pathway

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Doctor refers patient to MySkinDoctor (e-RS referral)

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Text to patient for MySkinDoctor app download

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Patient takes pictures, uploads to MySkinDoctor for Consultant Dermatologist review

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Diagnosis, treatment and management plan provided within 3 working days

GP’s can refer patients using the standard NHS e-Referral process and receive a response within 72 hours.

Service provided by local NHS Consultant Dermatologists - GP does not need to take images, so no extra work - GDPR compliant.

Dermatology 2WW & Routine

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Diagnosis &
management plan

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Video consultation
Complex dermatology

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Outpatient consultation
Traditional hospital care

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Skin surgery
Diagnostics and cancer surgery

Telehealth technology allows us to communicate with patients at home using the MySkinDoctor app, arrange video consultations, outpatient care and skin surgery. This means seamless care across the primary, secondary and tertiary care interface, regardless of location.

Seamless integration with EPR systems allows discharge 33%, direct surgical bookings 21%, direct clinic bookings 43%, secondary care referrals 3%