Help - Patient Guidance

Help – Patient Guidance

NHS or Self-Pay?
If you have recently been to see your GP and they have told you you will be referred to the Community Dermatology Service, please select NHS.

If you are choosing to use this app privately, please select Self-Pay.

NHS - Where do I find the 4-digit PIN required to access MySkinDoctor?
If we have received your referral you will have received a 4-digit PIN. This PIN will be included on the introduction letter posted to you, along with the SMS messages sent to your mobile recently. If you cannot access MySkinDoctor using this PIN, please call our administration team on 01903 896 625
Registering an account
To use MySkinDoctor, you will be required to register an account. This will include an up to date email address, your name and date of birth. We will never share any of your personal details without your permission.

Once you have registered an account using your email address, you will be sent a verification link. You will not be able to login to MySkinDoctor without first verifying the email address you have registered with belongs to you. Please allow a few minutes for this email to arrive in your inbox, but if after a few minutes it has not arrived please check your junk email.

Creating a new case - My Skin Problems
A case is the name we use for all of the information and photographs you submit for our Consultant Dermatologists to assess your skin condition.

To create a case, press the green + button on the My Skin Problems screen. This will then take you to the Add Skin Problem screen where you will be asked to add a close up photograph taken from 10cm (4 inches) away from your condition, and a distance photograph, taken from 30cm (12 inches) away from your condition.

Adding a new skin problem
After taking your close up and distance photographs, you will be asked to select the most appropriate point on your body that your condition is situated. You will then have the option to add any additional photographs which you feel would help the Consultant in their diagnosis.

After you have finished adding photographs, you will be asked to describe your skin problem. This will help our Consultants to more accurately diagnose your condition.

Useful information to provide here includes:

  • How long you have had your skin problem
  • Any treatments you have tried
  • How your condition affects you

Once you have added this information, you will be able to review the photographs and description you have added to make sure the photographs are good quality, and the description is accurate. Once you have ensured this, please press next.

You will now have an opportunity to tell our Consultant about any health problems, medication, and past history of skin disease or allergies you may have. Any additional information you can provide here may help in our Consultants diagnosis of your condition. Once this is complete, please press Finish and Submit Notes.

My case is submitted, now what?
Thank you for submitting your case to MySkinDoctor. A Consultant Dermatologist will now review the photographs and information you have submitted and you will receive a response to your case within 3 working days.
How can I make another new case?
If you have already submitted a case for review, you will need to go back to your GP for a new referral before you are able to submit additional cases.

Alternatively if you do not wish to revisit your GP for a new referral, you can progress through our Self-Pay service.